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Achtergael Architects, Gent
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The Project

Harmony Between Living and Nature

Wondelgem is an immensely sought-after residential area, appealing to both young and old alike. Nestled strategically in the center and ensconced in greenery, the Meulewater project offers the serenity of nature alongside the practical advantages of residing on the outskirts of the city. This residential project is conveniently situated just a few minutes' drive from the heart of Ghent, with the R4 nearby.

In addition to several apartment Bloks nestled within the green landscape, an old urban villa has been meticulously restored. The erstwhile Lusthof Meulewater villa has been returned to its former glory. Furthermore, the former arboretum with its pond has been rejuvenated, now thriving as 'Meulewater' – a living domain abundant in greenery, featuring vibrant floral displays and water features.

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